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Studio Note

"I drew roses in her hair. Always roses. Roses for memory, not to be reminded, but to bring comfort for what is remembered.  There are other flowers, they all have their meaning, but none have the power and love of the rose.  Silver roses. Pewter leaves. She is not softer for their presence, because beautiful isn't always soft. Sometimes beautiful is the hardness that comes from sadness."
- zs

The Art Narrative

I often find that when I discuss art, I don't talk about the art. I talk about being human, being inspired, being an artist, living in the observation and the unfolding of life. There is art - the technical and tactile experience of constructing and manufacturing an idea into existence - and that is a world that can only be truly understood in the practice of it. I can no more tell you what it is for me to draw than I can tell what it is to sing or play piano, or execute the perfect kick, or the neatest kata - every artist is a product of their practice. But I can describe it; it is the narrative of the art life. 
I recently spoke to a friend regarding the nature of art talk, and being a non-artist, she told me that what she needed to know about art was everything-  from the beginning of the idea, the inspiration, the process, the journey, the choices, the way that the work was born.  And every work is a different animal, it is a different time space within the journey, so every wor…