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Inside Emptiness

"I am full to overflowing it never ends can you see it feel it you say I'm intense before I even begin you say I'm deep before I even scratch the surface you want to tell me to slow down stop relax you don't know how it burns to still be forever building inside emptiness it is you that fears the critical mass I seek the relief of constant creation it is quiet here with you where I can be silent where I can stop where I can be more than the never-ending horizon where I am a calm sea I am feeling you more than the endless idea that is myself you help me cover the distance between infinity and the here and now you calm the tide you ride the wave you are one to my many......."
- script of "inside Emptiness"  Graphite on paper. 

Custom Music Albury and zeddess arts

As most of you know, I do a lot of design work when I'm not making art - currently, the new line of tshirts for Custom Music Albury is out on the racks, and ready for more orders. My good friend, Steve Stewart, bought the business at the end of last year, and we have renewed our contract for the creation of new designs and the addition of the new business logo. Here are some of the tshirt designs: 

Starting with photographs of instruments that are sold at the shop, I digitally enhanced and manipulated the images for print.

Naturally, the advertising text isn't included in the finished product..... 

Scrolling, Scrolling, Scrolling.....

When you're taught art appreciation, you're taught how to view art. Yes, there is a method, that will enhance your art loving experience. And much of that has to do with taking your time. 
I once heard someone complain that art galleries and museums were cold, austere places that were devoid of life and entertainment, giant mausoleums were the art was "hanged" instead of enjoyed.  Clearly this person was unaware of why
Art is supposed to be the experience. When viewing an artwork, you don't want other things to influence your experience of the work. Not sound, not music, not distraction.... good, great art, will speak for itself without the need of a stimulating environment. Mediocre, poor art, well, yeah... That's going to need all the help it can get. 
My first visit to a real art gallery was when I was 12 - the National Art Gallery in Canberra, our nation's capital. It was intimidating to say the least - vast walls with enormous paintings, and everywhere…