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The Thought That Mocks

New work in progress- "The Thought That Mocks" Graphite on paper. 
I found an old school diary of mine, that had a hundred scribbles and doodles in it, little pictures and sayings in between my schedule... It's a piece of the past that remains vivid for all the ideas that were translated into image during that time.  It's also a reflection of how little I have changed over the years - I continue to scribble in diaries and journals, a chaos of thought and emotion and memory, like separate little time capsules that will live my life without me when they're full...

Start As You Intend To Finish.

Work with intent. 
When one draws or paints for pleasure, it is for the freedom of expression, the experience of creativity, the joy of making something from oneself. 
When one is an artist, there is a purpose; to be the consistent driving force behind an idea, more than an image, more than just the occasional artwork - it is a body of work that must resonate thought and emotion, with intent. 
Start as you intend to finish. If it is a game, it will always be a game. If it is a reality, it will evolve into a world of its own.