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A Reminder To Myself.

I used to be the kind of artist who would forget the little things like time, date, day, night, food, sleep.... being a person... I had many friends who often worried after my health and state of mind, and would often say that I needed time out. I did manage to change my ways somewhat, but as I work on this latest drawing, I am reminded of the reason I lived that way..... There is something potent in a truly invested piece of art, an intoxication of the spirit that doesn't end when the night is over and the sun rises....  And even as I place my pencils in their tray and lovingly nest the board on its shelf, I find I am sorry to stop working, to part with the sensation and roar of emotional ties that keep me a creature of art; the intimacy of an artwork bearing all my myriad thoughts and secrets hidden in plain view - the slant of a line, the curve of a breast, the shadow of a smile in a face of my design... And such powerful intimacy, such an intense passion I had forgotten, what …