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Tempered By Sound

I was 22 the last time I was a performing singer/songwriter; while the many years since have been devoted to the visual, the opportunity to return to music has raised its head and I'm learning all about the latest recording technology and how to compose using a computer instead of pen and manuscript.
While I have no intention of leaving art as my profession, making room for the music has brought the need to change my interaction with the audience and move entirely to project-based production - the new calendar comes out this month, a book (self-published) is planned for release
in January, and the music production has begun with a view to release for next year.
Somewhere in there, Isis and I will have time to kill stuffed teddy bears and tear up towels...
Life on social media has also changed dramatically - I ditched my Facebook account because it was turning into little more than a repository for mental debris and a constant reference to humanity's pleasure of torment and…