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The World At Your Feet

The more things change, the more they stay the same - there are often distractions on the road to nowhere, and I for one am not immune to the prospect of  "ooh, what's that over there?" While I have often been told that I have a focus of formidable proportions, it's not unusual for me to 'go there' just to find out what will happen.
I'm fairly fortunate however, in that I believe that even if I take a wrong turn somewhere, it means nothing to me if I have to swerve, bounce and pogo-stick my way back to where I took the detour, and go back to the path I was on. I've done it several times in my life, especially when life has thrown me a curve when I wasn't paying attention, and got smacked with the reality stick.


Life is trouble when you make it trouble. Everything else is just adventure, and you have to remind yourself every day to avoid the sympathetic, the overly protective and the high-handed opinions of those who haven't found that adve…