14 March 2017

Art For You - Reconstruction Of An Instinct

Work in progress... Slow progress, while hunting for a new home;

"Reconstruction Of An Instinct".

In development, the meaning is not yet plain to see, but conceptually, it investigates the conscious redesign of a personal trait - not change on a grand scale, but a rearrangement of a subtler nature, adjustments, additions and subtractions, refinements that allow the core being to remain in its natural form, while achieving growth without fragmentation.

Graphite on archival paper, working in natural and indirect light.

23 February 2017

A Tactile Experience

As I wrap and pack drawings and paintings away, ready to move back to Queensland, I find myself stopping to wonder over artworks that show the journey of where I have been; between archived works and art that has yet to find its owner, there is a heady experience of love emanating from every piece; everything from half-drawn sketches and doodles to fully finished works - there is an incredible tangible experience of love
Detail from unfinished composition.

As an artist, you often ask yourself what your legacy will be, what the body of work will hold in the future, what the outcome of your efforts and devotion will result in - not even halfway through my career, after 25 years, and it is already apparent that, no matter what stage I'm going through, no matter what the developments, no matter what the intellectual and philosophical propose, there is a wealth and harvest of all this love. It's in everything, as though I am in  the presence of someone else's life.

What translates in the physical is this astonishing energetic reality  - to behold an artwork that I don't even recall doing, (there has been so much done over the years, it's hard to keep track), and I am in awe of this intense physical sensation of commitment and passion; it's in the materials, in the strokes, in the shades and colours. Even in the art that I remember working on, there's this strange and palpable connection with the process that is evident in the finished work.

 "Burn" First draft

The virtual world robs the audience of this experience - what is seen on a fast scrolling screen is nothing in comparison to the reality. I've had many clients and local fans comment on this - the digital can never do the real thing justice. It can only create an impression. 

But in real life - the softness of shade, and the harmony of the gradients, the small physical details that escape the notice of a mechanical eye, the deepest romance in the tones of graphite, the care with which paint has been mixed and laid down gently - all of this is only present in a physical reality, and the difference in impact is so apparent. Even to the artist. 

"Charmed" early work

12 February 2017

Art Collector

I'm often asked if I collect art. 

I'm a lover of objet d'art, three dimensional sculptural works, made by hand and small enough to transport easily. That's possibly a reaction to constantly working in the two dimensional, but also a joy in an art that I don't personally pursue. 

I have small works from around the world - hand-carved heads, animals, hand-blown glass sculptures, ceramics and glassware - and it's a collection of love, rather than a commercial investment. With these items around in my home, I have a deeper sense of connectivity with human culture and the gracious elegance of the human imagination, and our desire for beauty, truth, the majestic and the nobility of our spirit. 

As an artist, I view it as my responsibility to bring that respect for life and humanity through my work, and into the hands of people who have pursuits that are not artistic, but still have the desire for that connectivity in their own lives. From my own love of art that Is not within my scope, I am of that same community of people, who derive great pleasure and distinctive sustenance from the creativity of others. To hold a work of art made by hand, to treasure it for its human value, to look upon it everyday, as a witness to the beauty of the human soul - that's what collecting great art is for.  

When people ask me about what kind of people collect art, I can refer instantly to my own experiences - art is uplifting. It is soul-searching on a daily level; it is nourishment for the deepest recesses of our souls. It doesn't matter if the work is of the macabre, or of the most delicate natural beauty, whatever the vision is, it came from humanity. It unites us. Every aspect of our nature is brought forth and given one form or another, touches us in ways that don't require understanding or anything more than a personal response - in that moment, we are unified by the nature of being human. 


You can view details on Crystalline and other works by downloading the ebook zeddess vol. 1 on the Downloads page of this site. 

08 February 2017

Art For You - One

For all the things we face in life, there is a single common denominator - yourself. At the beginning of the day to the end, it is the practices and the choices of the individual that create the life for the whole. Whatever is to be confronted, be it love, fear, sadness, truth, or trauma, the will to carry on resides within

She is talking to her soul. In committing to a state of calm and centredness, there are answers to be found in listening to herself - while the energies of life continue around her, there is a decision being made through more than thought; a surrender to the greater story within her own existence, the internal, eternal poetry that is written through simply being alive. 

For the artwork itself, a combination of the softness of the graphite gradient, and its hard, refined edge for detail, structures and subjects defined clearly by line, yet energised by light and shade. A more deeply shaded work than is usual, for it depicts the entry into the internal journey, a walk in the darkness of one's own private world, to seek truths, trust, and answers. 

'One' was created at a time when my own faith in humanity was badly shaken, and it became necessary to withdraw from life, take stock, and ultimately return to myself for answers. What I found there, resonates in the work, the achievement of understanding and self-awareness, and the moment in which my relationship with Life was renewed, and reformed, a stronger, more committed connection to the source, and to the path I had chosen. 

In this, "One" represents resolution, an agreement with Life to continue to dedicate oneself to a purposeful and meaningful existence, whatever the confrontations. To know the calm at the centre of the storm, and to be the strength when all else fails. 

31 January 2017

Art For You - Lily And The Lizard

" Lily And The Lizard "

Lily was made on  an A4 piece of archival paper with a smooth tooth. I prefer to use as smooth a surface as possible with graphite, to get the nice gradient and finish that softened graphite can achieve, while retaining some of the elements of quick pencil work - the strokes are quite visible in places, lending some of the feeling of an impromptu sketch. 

Her face came together very quickly - it was an effortless task to find the expression and feeling of a subtle temptress, while keeping that quality of innocent intention - Lily is symbolic of the "feminine wiles" that girls learn at a young age, to persuade, invite or otherwise seduce others to their way of thinking, so it was important to have that wide-eyed softness about her, which is also reflected in her stance and soft drapes, and the waves of her hair. 

The lizard is a reference to the "lizard brain", the component of human nature to act on natural desires and urges; in this case, a small idol to the feminine instinct to play on other's desires to achieve her own. He's small, relative to her, an intimate companion to the greater being, and in essence, a subtle and unnoticed power. 

Women of pleasure have long been associated with romantic imagery of natural forms - the flowers are garden-like, lending her the impression of also being a flower of beauty and fragility. And potential fertility. I often reference early ukiyo-e paintings from Japan for this technique - as the art of the Floating World (pleasure world), it has the sense of the eternal and ephemeral qualities that are so inherent to the conceptual art of sensuality and sexuality. It is a suggestion that gives the flavour of the erotic, the anticipation of what might be. 

As a drawing, the work comes with all the usual scratches and notes in the margin - all of which will be unseen after framing. When purchased, drawings from zeddess arts are delivered unframed, in an art archive folio, encased in tissue paper and a cellophane envelope. This allows the work to be held safely in storage until it is framed. 

" Lily And The Lizard " has been a  favourite of the collection for my online audience for many years, and the original work is still available for purchase, by the right collector.
She's been included in the latest ebook catalogue, which you can download, without signup or subscription, for free, on the Downloads page of this site. (see the Navigation bar under the title of the blog.) 

I hope to hear from her new owner soon. 
Love art, love life, 
Zian xxx

14 January 2017

Why Buy My Art?

What's the most essential thing about art? The way you connect with it. 
We see thousands of artworks a week now, the internet is absolutely awash with the skills and talents of millions of artists from around the world, and we get to see it all from the comfort of our living rooms, without having to make a single effort. 
So why own art?

For the same reason that art has been treasured throughout the ages - it brings about meaning to our existence. 

The one question I am asked more than any other is, WHO buys my art?

That's actually not as silly as it sounds. People want to know what kind of people buy art, why do they buy it, and why would they spend money on it. Because they don't know why people would own art. 

The people who have bought art from me usually have one or two reasons for doing so, but in a nutshell, they're looking for something - love, beauty, truth, confirmation, validation, belief, something that aligns with their present or eternal purpose, something that's more than just a pretty picture, something that resonates within them, and transports their own life. The right work of art is worth a lot. It can have immense value

I make art to part with it. I have a lot of people say to me that it must be so wonderful to do something I love, and it is, but they don't get what it is that I do. I make art for people who need art. 

Art has to be one of the most intense and tension-filled experiences in my life. It's hard, it's super-challenging, and I had to work like a demon to be any good at it. It did not come naturally to me. To learn to sit still was the biggest and possibly hardest undertaking of my life. To focus my emotions, my thoughts and intentions, for periods lasting sometimes up to a year, was a massive journey in itself. I've had works of art suck the very life out of me, ended up in convalescence because I burned out, and still, the work would be there, every day, pushing me, driving me - art is not therapy in my world. It is the affliction. 

So, why do it?

The joy is in the faces of the people who find THEIR work of art in my collection. That moment when the work is revealed to them, and they have found what they were looking for. They found something to connect with. 

 This is "Vision", one of my recently  completed works, and the response that I got from the public was very rewarding  -  it wasn't a huge response, I'm not an artist of pop culture or modernism, but it was a sincere and intimate response - a lot of people found an essence in the work that they responded to, and found rewarding for themselves. Now, THAT is a reason in itself to love what I do, but the one person who finds this work, and can't live without it, that's the person it was made for. I don't make art for me. I don't make work that I can't live without. I wouldn't be able to part with it if I did. 

There are artworks of mine around the world in people's private collections that will never leave that person - they won't re-sell, because the work is too important for the owner to be able to part with it. There are other works that people have bought purely for investment, with a plan to sell, but they know that they're looking for the buyers who want the art for that important purpose - to connect. These investment buyers help me find the people who the art was made for, by selling the work on. 

We live so fast now - electronics have brought us convenience, efficiency, productivity, and we spend our lives looking for the next sensation, without any real sense of permanence - nothing lasting. 
Art lasts. Art changes history, culture, redefines our world again and again. Art speaks out, art challenges, embraces, art encompasses humanity, in all its myriad definitions, as stories, as statements, as silence, as noise. It brings us together, it connects us as a people. Art is that foundation of permanence, it connects us with our past as much as it propels our future. It is timeless. 

I can guarantee, when you have found the work of art that is yours, it will hang on your wall, and you will sit in its company, just watching it, communing with its essence, and reconnecting with the parts of your soul that it speaks to. It's not just about truth and beauty - it's about being connected with truths and beauty, grandeur, simplicity, space and time, trial and peace; all these things that we have inside us that need a conversation with the universe that understands, accepts and reflects what and who we are, without reservation. 

Owning art is not merely a matter of celebrating prestige and wealth, fashion and sensation - it is ownership of the human connection with life itself, in all its variations. 

So why buy my art?
Because it's made for you

11 November 2016

What's Happening

It's been a busy time for the past few weeks, making moves and preparing to return to Queensland, all at the same time. 
Three more original works have recently been purchased, along with a large number of sketchworks  - one of my patrons has fallen in love with much of my study work and chose to keep the results as a part of his collection. 

Inspired by the glamour of the jazz and the legendary "girl in a glass" theme of early Hollywood; it's all about modern mythos, the sensuality and the goddesses of the time. In an open theme of illusions and invitations, from her luxurious stole to the mist at her feet, a stage set for potential experience of something daring and yet intimate. Her expression, from her face to her pose, is that of casual seduction - a familiar tone, yet one placed in such fantastic surroundings, it promises the viewer an experience beyond normal expectations. It is glamour - the enchantment of the senses, a bewitching idea. 

Often a title used in iconographic depictions of the Holy Virgin, I have instead used it to refer to the pagan Mother Nature - a simple image of the feminine presence and energy with reference to the flora and fauna most symbolic of serenity, and the puppy as the potential predator of future life. 

"The Wilderness Of Life" - a recurring theme in my work, of the unconscious mind in harmony with the primitve nature of existence; again, a pagan goddess in her field of nature, wild and unfettered, as are the thoughts that flow alongside her, beneath the experience of the physical, and yet elevation of the physical experience itself. Where shall we wander, and wonder..... 

New work from the studio will be slowing down for a time, as the move to Queensland starts to quicken in pace - however, art works will still be available, and after a number of requests for prints, I have reopened the print shop at my Red Bubble site. New work is being uploaded to the site, so please be patient if you have yet to see the artwork that you're looking for. Signed prints are available by request. Any enquiries can be sent directly to me via zeddess@gmail.com, or you can find me on social media  - the links are available in the side bar of this blog. 
Remember to sign on for blog notifications if you haven't already - this will keep you informed of when new posts are posted. 

And now, I have a goddess to attend to... 

07 November 2016

Studio Notes - Grown and Growing

In the journey of my art, I have approached and awaited all the trials and developments that were promised from my days as a student. 

But one promise has so far failed to result. The erosion of ideas. 

Older masters often spoke of how idealistic they were in their youth, how time and experience gradually broke down those ideas, and made them empty and hollow pipe dreams. That is, reality became a hardened truth, so too had their artistic vision. They had fewer dreams, a more narrow focus, a more jaded view. 

While I may be able to say that some of that has occurred for me in every day life - though not by much, I think of myself as far more optimistic now that I have survived so many tragedies, and lived to tell the tale; artistically I am quite possibly 10 times more idealistic than I was in my youth. Experience, success, kudos and patronage have all affirmed my life as an artist; if anything, I am a far greater romantic in art now – and that development continues. I think as age takes from me the opportunities and loves of life, the more it translates into vision. I can look at the work of my younger self, and I admire her tenacity, her willingness to stumble blindly into a mythology of her own, rather than play and experiment – it was as if that universe already existed, and all that was left was for her to learn how to tell the story.

That universe is unfolding still – age and experience have not robbed me of ideals and fantastic vision; if anything, I see how much wilder and more fanciful I have become.