The Times They Are A-Changing... Again....

With the move down south coming up in the calendar, a lot of new work has been done to keep things rolling during the transition - there are now 24 new works on Red Bubble, in the Canvas Prints and Posters Collection, a new gallery level Instagram account under the username ziansilverwolf, which is devoted to the original artworks, and new videos and virtual exhibitions on my YouTube channel.

There are also original works underway, along with the completion of artworks for current clients, as well as the slow and part time progress of new work - something that continues even while I sort out used sketchbooks and archive all the ideas and rudimentary sketches that could be useful in the future. I cleaned out seven sketchbooks the other day, it was quite the purge. 

So,  I would like to invite you to have a browse of all the new work  online at my Red Bubble gallery - the original works are also on view there in Galleries 2017 and 2018, along with the zeddesss hourglass merchandise and ot…

World Of Colour, Shades Of Grey

New to the Red Bubble gallery, new digitally enhanced drawings, made ready for canvas prints and posters. 
I'm a big fan of "sacred spaces" in the home, whether it be a reading nook, the spot where you like to write, a place where you contemplate your existence, or just where you enjoy your morning coffee. Art feels really necessary in these locations, to brighten the energy, create a mood or for an image of contemplation. Thought and feeling are such a part of the way that we create our living spaces. 
These prints are also ideal as gifts for the person you love and respect - art is a very personal thing, so a lot of thought goes into the choosing of a gift. I hope to provide you with a large selection as time passes. To date, there are currently 14 works online, available for order now, with more to come  in the future. Mind you, there's no need to only choose one. They're very affordable. 
Sizes range from small to extra large, so there's a choice between tha…

Special Offer

For a short period of time, I'm offering a set of 15 prints of my earlier works  - beautifully printed on white silk A4 paper, and ready for framing.  The finish is clear, smooth and matte, and both colour and graphite works are represented. 

The entire Mythos set is $AUD 89.00, (free shipping in Australia only), and payment can be made by direct transfer. 

Ordering is simple - contact me by email (, and say, "Hey Zian, I'd like to order a Mythos Print set, here's a  secure mailing address" and I'll send you the details for payment, and get your prints to you as soon as humanly possible. Some days I might even be superhuman.

Prints are created by demand, so please expect time for printing, packaging and shipping. 

Folks in Mackay and Brisbane have the opportunity to buy direct from the agent, so just contact me for details, and avoid the need for shipping. 

Love art, stay beautiful,
Z xxx

Distinctive Personality

Distinctive Personality
A person is far too complex to be believably definable in a set of terms or ideas - what we are aware of are their most dominant traits, those characteristics that are most commonly in use during day-to-day tasks and circumstances. What prevails is a sense of them that we perceive as their personality - the way that we predict and evaluate reactions and moods based on what we know of them, and how they view the world. 
But no one is that uncomplicated. 

From the outside view, every person is an abstraction; a montage of experiences, memories, dreams, moods, chemistry and capability. This is why trust and respect are earned, while courtesy and politeness are necessary to avoid conflict and friction - to compensate for the unknown within us all. 
Graphite and ink on paper, A3. Made in Australia, 2018. $AU2500

The Gods Of The Eye

The Gods Of The Eye.
What we see, what we imagine is occurring around us, directed by belief, by training, by experience, by culture - one man's handshake is another man's insult.  We see, and what we don't know, we create with our minds, with our life lessons, with our own frame of reference, and call it the truth. We evaluate life through a visual vocabulary, and life becomes set by the limits of that vocabulary, judging life and others by the standards of our own understanding. 
But perspective is everything - see beyond your own perspective, understand that you are standing with a view of the mountain, while another has a view of the sea, and you will realise that what you see has to be balanced against what the other person lives in their own world. 
Graphite on paper, size A3. Made in Australia, 2018. $AU3100

Rain Of Flowers

Rain Of Flowers. The first work of the year, 2018. Let it ra-a-ain down... Yes, I had Phil Collins stuck in my head for this one. 
The subject is soft, even slightly ephemeral, given the lack of detail in her hair, and still, next to the implied motion of the energy surrounding her; the flowers bear a more manga-inspired reality, their forms and shading revealing a weight and substance unlike that of soft petals and leaves, lending a gravitas to their significance within the composition. 
Bordered by ornamental curlicues, she is peaceful in what appears to be a rapture of activity, a reservoir of calm in an otherwise chaotic field of natural energy and light. 
Graphite on paper, size A3.  Made in Australia, 2018. $AU3200

Constructive Mental Disturbance

Happy New Year from zeddess arts! Yes, I know, it's already February and I am way behind on updating the blog. The result of which is several posts in a row, starting with this one.  And kicking off the New Year with the last finished work from 2017; Constructive Mental Disturbance. Graphite on paper, size A3. 
With a high contrast and bold lines, similar to the nature of my earliest work, but using finer gradients and more emphasis on light - a little Carravaggio, if you will, but without the intense melancholy and people in agony. 
My taste for ornamental structures of an abstract and otherworldly design decided the subject, but the technique is closer to working with charcoal, rather than graphite. Instead of layering from a hard graphite upwards, I chose to begin with softer grades, and create the gradient through blending; something only achievable if you're using a low tooth for ground. (Unless you're looking for textural interest of course.)
Softening the light allows t…