New Story

It's been a while since my last post - moving locations is stressful at the best of times, but separation from the familiar makes the experience a little more intense. It took ten years for me to create the life that I had in Albury, and then change came, and it was time to move back to Brisbane, and start all over again, in a different way, with a different life, with unfamiliar spaces and faces - a lot changes in 20 years, and despite having lived here before, much is now very strange to me. From a small rural town to a big capital city is no small leap in culture either - and there have been instances where I have had to break "new" habits to reestablish old ones. In essence, it's like changing countries again.

But enough about life. Let's talk about art.

In the time that I have been on the move, there have been a lot of changes and developments in the work - still figurative, but leaning towards a more elemental, almost abstract approach. And while graphite h…

Art For You - Reconstruction Of An Instinct

Work in progress... Slow progress, while hunting for a new home;

"Reconstruction Of An Instinct".

In development, the meaning is not yet plain to see, but conceptually, it investigates the consciousredesign of a personal trait - not change on a grand scale, but a rearrangement of a subtler nature, adjustments, additions and subtractions, refinements that allow the core being to remain in its natural form, while achieving growth without fragmentation.

Graphite on archival paper, working in natural and indirect light.

A Tactile Experience

As I wrap and pack drawings and paintings away, ready to move back to Queensland, I find myself stopping to wonder over artworks that show the journey of where I have been; between archived works and art that has yet to find its owner, there is a heady experience of love emanating from every piece; everything from half-drawn sketches and doodles to fully finished works - there is an incredible tangible experience of loveDetail from unfinished composition.

As an artist, you often ask yourself what your legacy will be, what the body of work will hold in the future, what the outcome of your efforts and devotion will result in - not even halfway through my career, after 25 years, and it is already apparent that, no matter what stage I'm going through, no matter what the developments, no matter what the intellectual and philosophical propose, there is a wealth and harvest of all this love. It's in everything, as though I am in  the presence of someone else's life.
What translat…

Art Collector

I'm often asked if I collect art. 
I'm a lover of objet d'art, three dimensional sculptural works, made by hand and small enough to transport easily. That's possibly a reaction to constantly working in the two dimensional, but also a joy in an art that I don't personally pursue. 
I have small works from around the world - hand-carved heads, animals, hand-blown glass sculptures, ceramics and glassware - and it's a collection of love, rather than a commercial investment. With these items around in my home, I have a deeper sense of connectivity with human culture and the gracious elegance of the human imagination, and our desire for beauty, truth, the majestic and the nobility of our spirit. 
As an artist, I view it as my responsibility to bring that respect for life and humanity through my work, and into the hands of people who have pursuits that are not artistic, but still have the desire for that connectivity in their own lives. From my own love of art that Is not…

Art For You - One

For all the things we face in life, there is a single common denominator - yourself. At the beginning of the day to the end, it is the practices and the choices of the individual that create the life for the whole. Whatever is to be confronted, be it love, fear, sadness, truth, or trauma, the will to carry on resides within
She is talking to her soul. In committing to a state of calm and centredness, there are answers to be found in listening to herself - while the energies of life continue around her, there is a decision being made through more than thought; a surrender to the greater story within her own existence, the internal, eternal poetry that is written through simply being alive. 
For the artwork itself, a combination of the softness of the graphite gradient, and its hard, refined edge for detail, structures and subjects defined clearly by line, yet energised by light and shade. A more deeply shaded work than is usual, for it depicts the entry into the internal journey, a wal…

Art For You - Lily And The Lizard

" Lily And The Lizard "
Lily was made on  an A4 piece of archival paper with a smooth tooth. I prefer to use as smooth a surface as possible with graphite, to get the nice gradient and finish that softened graphite can achieve, while retaining some of the elements of quick pencil work - the strokes are quite visible in places, lending some of the feeling of an impromptu sketch. 
Her face came together very quickly - it was an effortless task to find the expression and feeling of a subtle temptress, while keeping that quality of innocent intention - Lily is symbolic of the "feminine wiles" that girls learn at a young age, to persuade, invite or otherwise seduce others to their way of thinking, so it was important to have that wide-eyed softness about her, which is also reflected in her stance and soft drapes, and the waves of her hair. 
The lizard is a reference to the "lizard brain", the component of human nature to act on natural desires and urges; in this …

Why Buy My Art?

What's the most essential thing about art? The way you connect with it.  We see thousands of artworks a week now, the internet is absolutely awash with the skills and talents of millions of artists from around the world, and we get to see it all from the comfort of our living rooms, without having to make a single effort.  So why own art?
For the same reason that art has been treasured throughout the ages - it brings about meaning to our existence. 
The one question I am asked more than any other is, WHO buys my art?
That's actually not as silly as it sounds. People want to know what kind of people buy art, why do they buy it, and why would they spend money on it. Because they don't know why people would own art. 
The people who have bought art from me usually have one or two reasons for doing so, but in a nutshell, they're looking for something - love, beauty, truth, confirmation, validation, belief, something that aligns with their present or eternal purpose, something tha…