How Does Your Garden Grow? (Editorial)

When I was a child, my grandmother's garden was my first temple. It was a place of great comfort and solace for me, at times when I felt troubled or sad, and I would often feel revived by the closeness of growing things, and their small inhabitants. Of course, at a time when we were still singing God Save The Queen at school assembly, this kind of behaviour was frowned upon, and I was considered a very strange, fey child, for finding something spiritual in something so very ordinary. After all, that was what Church and God were for, not sulking at the bottom of the garden. 
Present day, and I still continue to find gardens as my temples - as a famed pagan, and a well-known advocate for the natural world, it's not considered that unusual anymore. And we're living at a time when plugging into a tree and listening to its playlist is a recommended pastime in a busy urban life. 
But beyond the experience of a garden, is its symbolic presence of a life - what we tend, what we cult…

Expanding The Horizon

It's been a little busy here at zeddess.....
New art -

Along with the artwork, there have been new digital videos, small written works and a lot of general creativity - keeping up with myself is like running around after a Husky some days, and not everything has been getting the documentation and record keeping it requires. A lot of what's been happening on the drawing board can be found on my Instagram page (, or on any of the other major networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Tumblr). Just Google search "Zian Silverwolf" and the chosen network, and you'll find it easily. 

Learning about how to create edm (electronic dance music) and animated videos has been something of a major learning curve - and so much fun. After the initial experiments in digital, and a couple of months of scratching my head and saying "Aha!", I have a number of musical digital creations now published to my YouTube channel, (…

Predestination (video)

The latest in the new digital works that I have been working on - "Predestination" has been produced entirely from digital material, and composed in a computer. 

As a medium, I've always had the interest in digital, but much of it has been waiting for technology to catch up to do what I need it to do. For an artist, the tools are part of the limitation, and creativity is all about working around limits - however, there are still boundaries waiting to be crossed. With graphite and ink as my main medium, the desire to create something that still harmonised with the majority of my work, but spoke a different artistic language, digital has been able to provide that option, along with the addition of combining my musical background as an element. After all, why create exactly the same kind of art with two different mediums, when you can expand your horizons?

zeddess arts has never formally been known for its combined arts - that of art, music, literature and digital - but with …

An Exhalation Of Detail

New work from the studio:

It's not hard to imagine how far from us the future generations will be. With all the additional environmental factors, plus a governing perspective on parenting that is far from even that of the 1950s, we're looking at an all new kind of human being. Already within the understanding between the present co-existing generations, there is an enormous distance in perceptions and ideals, the consideration of what the meaning of living is, and what the given motivations and ambitions for life really are.

in anthropological terms, it is said that the difference in language in only four generations is so great, that no one would be able to have a conversation with their great-great-great-grandparents. This is at any time in human history, not just the modern world. It may have something to do with why we don't live that long, because once a person is separated from a world they can't communicate with, they lose the …

Studio Update - New Works

The latest video from zeddess.

There's also new art.....

Earth Angel

I find myself continually oscillating between the solid forms of the natural world, and the energetic constructs of the abstract, yet this is how the universe of zeddess has unfolded in its entirety. After 25 years of art, and all the learning curves and the very nature of development in art itself, I have ceased to argue with the prescribed notion of the art industry that an artist must be thematic - and limited to only one principle.

 If there is an all-abiding and guiding principle of my work, it is the paradox-  that we, the contradiction of humanity itself, are as finite as any living thing, yet as infinite as imagination. 

C'est La Mort

An ominous post title, but really just a lighthearted jab at the kind of work that I'm currently involved in  - the curating of the entire studio stock. No small task when you include all the digital files and data accumulated over the years, and the editorials and random notes that have gone flying into digital shoeboxes for future examination - and the future is here. Along with this mammoth task is the actual sorting and organisation of years of sketches, half-finished works, a thousand scribbled ideas and late-night mutterings that have no listing, no order - and I can't always be sure where anything is. Especially after having moved house twice in the past couple of years. Now the plan is to have everything completely set in its place within the studio, clearly labelled, indexed and filed.

To that end, I found a method of creating simple keycards for use in both my filing and my social media, to keep images and data together - one of the greatest difficulties that I've…


In between  sorting and finishing an abundance of artwork that got left behind in the queue, I've spent some time with new media for zeddess, including the creation of a couple of new showcases, one for new works, one for earlier works.

I've long enjoyed the technological process of creating movies and slideshows, with whatever software I can get my hands on - from the early days of PowerPoint right through to the latest apps for iOS and the full software bundles for Mac, there's something refreshing about a creative process that is systematic - and so simple to use. Creating in another medium is also a wonderful change from being chained to the drawing board for weeks on end, so it is a pleasure to create something new and different for the audience, and not entirely handmade.

There is plenty that is wonderful and beautiful about a virtual experience - it is my hope that this does not detract from the experience of the artwork itself, but adds another dimension, in motion…