C'est La Mort

An ominous post title, but really just a lighthearted jab at the kind of work that I'm currently involved in  - the curating of the entire studio stock. No small task when you include all the digital files and data accumulated over the years, and the editorials and random notes that have gone flying into digital shoeboxes for future examination - and the future is here. Along with this mammoth task is the actual sorting and organisation of years of sketches, half-finished works, a thousand scribbled ideas and late-night mutterings that have no listing, no order - and I can't always be sure where anything is. Especially after having moved house twice in the past couple of years. Now the plan is to have everything completely set in its place within the studio, clearly labelled, indexed and filed.

To that end, I found a method of creating simple keycards for use in both my filing and my social media, to keep images and data together - one of the greatest difficulties that I'v…


In between  sorting and finishing an abundance of artwork that got left behind in the queue, I've spent some time with new media for zeddess, including the creation of a couple of new showcases, one for new works, one for earlier works.

I've long enjoyed the technological process of creating movies and slideshows, with whatever software I can get my hands on - from the early days of PowerPoint right through to the latest apps for iOS and the full software bundles for Mac, there's something refreshing about a creative process that is systematic - and so simple to use. Creating in another medium is also a wonderful change from being chained to the drawing board for weeks on end, so it is a pleasure to create something new and different for the audience, and not entirely handmade.

There is plenty that is wonderful and beautiful about a virtual experience - it is my hope that this does not detract from the experience of the artwork itself, but adds another dimension, in motion…

Work In Crisis

For the third time I have embarked on this composition - "Let It Take Over", although the force has not exactly been with me during this process. It was to be expected that at some point the flow of work might stumble, given the ease with which recent artworks have been completed.

Indeed, even as a work in progress, this work has not been received well by the public, and I'm in two minds about destroying it and letting the idea pass. I was beginning to be quite pleased with the aesthetic, but my expectations were brought low with the minimal response it has gained.

Not all compositions are made equal.

And usually the fact that they are such a struggle to complete is indicator enough that they are not meant to be. When your advertising receives more acclaim than your product, you have a problem....

Modern Love

It's official, I am now in the Year Of Our Towel, here on my 42nd birthday.
(For those who have no clue what I'm talking about, see Douglas Adams, and Don't Panic.)

So yes! Seeing as I wasn't supposed to make it past 23, it's all a very big deal and I'm quite pleased to still be here. And as a moment in my elongated story, here's a new work in progress, titled "Modern Love".

I spend a fair bit of time perusing Instagram for its many delightful posts, many of which are wonderful models, fitness models, bikini angels, and other fine examples of the female form. There are many goddesses walking the earth, but the one common factor in them all is a spoken love for life, to do well, exceed their own expectations and never give up. Good mottos for all women of the modern era, in my view.

As I am gradually developing now to incorporate more contemporary elements into my work, what better place to start than with the celebration of the modern woman? It…

Artwork: Let It Take Over

The latest work on the board began as another graphite work, and then, as I was completing the contrast, I felt it was asking for more. Something to give it more clarity, move it outside the cacophony of light and shade, and make it more structured.

Colour always adds another dimension, and in this case, shades and hues of pink, the universal love energy; passion and creation.

New Story

It's been a while since my last post - moving locations is stressful at the best of times, but separation from the familiar makes the experience a little more intense. It took ten years for me to create the life that I had in Albury, and then change came, and it was time to move back to Brisbane, and start all over again, in a different way, with a different life, with unfamiliar spaces and faces - a lot changes in 20 years, and despite having lived here before, much is now very strange to me. From a small rural town to a big capital city is no small leap in culture either - and there have been instances where I have had to break "new" habits to reestablish old ones. In essence, it's like changing countries again.

But enough about life. Let's talk about art.

In the time that I have been on the move, there have been a lot of changes and developments in the work - still figurative, but leaning towards a more elemental, almost abstract approach. And while graphite h…

Art For You - Reconstruction Of An Instinct

Work in progress... Slow progress, while hunting for a new home;

"Reconstruction Of An Instinct".

In development, the meaning is not yet plain to see, but conceptually, it investigates the consciousredesign of a personal trait - not change on a grand scale, but a rearrangement of a subtler nature, adjustments, additions and subtractions, refinements that allow the core being to remain in its natural form, while achieving growth without fragmentation.

Graphite on archival paper, working in natural and indirect light.